Golf practice and player development are going through a period of tremendous change, and technology is a central component in that transformation. The mapping of swing DNA is now possible, as is the quantification and comparison of swing feel vs. real.  Technology also empowers us to monitor granular swing changes over time.  These are just a few, compelling examples of how to unleash talent more effectively.  With TrackMan, you have all those tools to jump ahead. From our groundbreaking club and ball tracking golf radar systems to the best performance enhancing software available in the industry today.


Automatically capture valuable golf swing, golf stroke, and golf ball flight metrics with auto-edited video for every shot, using a single device. Blast Golf does all the work and organizes everything for you.


Easily analyze details of each shot or view your progress over time with simple golf stats and graphs. Blast Golf quickly identifies areas of improvement and gives actionable insight.


Valuable insights, golf pro tips, drills, and communication tools allow you to get the most out of your individual practices or communicate with your coach for additional help.


Monitor your practice and your golf game, track scores, identify trends, and continue to improve.

CoachNow Training Spaces

In the space of a generation, how athletes train and learn is being reinvented.  While physical excellence and skilled performance continue to be the foundation for champions, digital learning tools are revolutionizing coaching.  Like the transformation of the classroom, so goes the field, court, track and greens: transformed by the power of mobile, wearable technology, easy capture of real-time data, and ability for instantaneous feedback.


Science & Motion Sports is a leading golf technology provider dedicated to enhancing the understanding of the physics, movements and motor pattern development involved in the golf swing.  Together with international PGA Tour Pros, the scientists of Science & Motion have developed world wide unique analysis and training systems: SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab. SAM BalanceLab is an high-resolution pressure plate to evaluate balance and weight transfer during a golf swing. The pressure signals and synchronized video are recorded in parallel and then interactively analyzed in detail.