Blake Stark

Hello, my name is Blake Stark.  I have been blessed to be around the game of golf in many different formats for over 20 years and counting.  Currently, my role in golf is one of being a coach and helping build roadmaps and guide players to their aspirations as a player.  Whether that be a novice golfer who wants to break 90 to the aspiring professional player, or anywhere in between. 


As a coach, my job is to introduce you to the tools you need to reach your desires in regards to golf.   This is done through many different technologies, coaching strategies, and effective communication.  I as a coach believe in the following:

  • You as a player will only swing the club as your body allows you, and we can either build a swing around what you can do physically or create a plan to remove physical roadblocks and make a change.
  • There are many ways to play golf successfully, just watch a tour event. There are so many different swing styles, and strategies used to be successful.  The key is understanding your game, and what styles and strategies will allow you to reach your aspirations.  This is my job as a coach, to help you as a player become as self-aware as possible so you can succeed.
  • Constant, never ending improvement both for my players and myself as a coach: It’s my job to know the how and why and effectively communicate that knowledge in a simplified applicable format to you as a player. It’s then your job to use that tool with guidance from your coach.

As our past help shape who we are today, how I arrived to this point is important for you to know.  I have had success as a player in different ways at different levels.  From playing in the US junior and US Amateur to playing D1 college golf at a school that was ranked #1 in the nation and finish in the top 5 at NCAA’s multiple years as well as acquiring a college victory myself.  I tasted some success professionally, but ultimately health and injuries would force me to reconsider my role in golf.  While playing I was blessed to be coached by PGA Tour coach Mark Blackburn, as well as trained by Jason Glass, and mentally by Dr. Bhrett McCabe.  What I learned from them I can only repay by passing that knowledge on to you to use.  I have continued learning on many fronts in golf from cutting edge technology such as 3D and force plates, to how we acquire skills and use them most effectively.